Ak Pet Dog Treats Co.
Ak Pet Dog Treats Co.


  • Firma Adı: Ak Pet Dog Treats Co.
  • Telefon: 5357265538-İletişim Kur
  • Telefon2: 5357265538 -İletişim Kur
  • Fax: 5357265538 -İletişim Kur
  • Eposta: Gizli-Posta Gönder
  • Websitesi: https://akpetdogtreats.com/
  • İL / İlçe: Manisa / Merkez
  • Adres: Güzelköy, Atatürk mh. Karma Sanayi Sitesi, 5962 sk No:4, 45125 Yunusemre/Manisa
  • Acıklama: As Akpet family, we have been serving in the livestock sector since 1988. Our headquarters is in Manisa and also continues its activities in the İzmir Menemen Free Zone. Our company has Slaughterhouses in the meat and meat products and leather processing sector as its area of expertise. As Ak Pet, with our reliable suppliers and our expert teammates We continue on this path with 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. We supply raw materials both domestically and internationally. We produce the needs of our respected customers in the United States, Canada and Europe. We complete the manufacturing process without compromising on quality and hygiene and meet our customers.


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